About mettā

I'm Myron, mettā maker and knowledge curator

I believe that knowledge can ony be acquired through insight and this is why mere reading or teaching does not produce lasting change. Even if we change our ways for a while, we soon slip back into habitual ways because our complex reality exceeds the confines of the advice we are given. Lasting change only takes place when we meditate through a helpful suggestion—meditation not in the navel-gazing sense, but by holding the idea in front of us and practising it through the day.


As the philosopher Ernest Becker says, the main reason that knowledge is in a state of overproduction is that useful ideas get buried under a sea of competitive voices, their insignificant aspects magnified out of proportion at various angles while the most important and transformative ideas are lost to the sands of time. Mettā cards started out as a way to capture the best ideas and review them frequently. The mettā bhavana-esque sutta helped me to directly apply the idea to my life while the key associative ideas helped me practice it into habit.

Mettā cards are meant to be simple, bite-sized, actionable reminders that you can use to break out of old ways of thinking. They've helped me find purpose again when the world looked rather bleak. I hope they can make a difference in you life as well.

Why Twitter?

All posts at mettā are Twitterised, with postings and discourse taking place on that platform first and catalogued (more meaningfully) on this website later. Despite all its flaws, Twitter is a vast storehouse of modern-day wisdom and essential ideas. Essential ideas that I have carefully bookmarked over the years and form the references, footnotes, and other marginalia to the cards.

Although Twitter's future is uncertain at the time of writing this, it still remains the best repository for mettā.

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