May my actions be true to my thoughts

May my actions be true to my thoughts

When your thoughts are at odds with what you do or say, you separate yourself as thinker and doer. And with this separation it is easy to eschew the need for any accountability of action.

Since there is discord between the two selves, by and by you lose faith and confidence in thought and action.

When thought is separated from action, reaction reigns supreme.

Ārjavam (आर्जवम) is the quality of integrity in thoughts, words and deeds. Shoshin (初心) is an attitude of openness and simplicity.

When you try to be as simple as possible instead of the sophisticated mess that most people aspire to be you automatically act and speak in a straightforward way.

Even when you make mistakes, get angry, or feel fearful, in your own simple way you are able to learn from your reactions instead of cloaking them in layers of denial and rationalisation.

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