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Hand-crafted with thought & care

Each card is printed on sturdy 350 gsm card, which means that they are hardy enough to survive the ravages of both time and tide. They are designed for life and to last you a lifetime.

At 3" x 2", each card fits snugly in the palm of your hand. The compact size of the cards means that every word is meticulously crafted and the idea concisely presented to fit that precious space.

The printing and finishing processes are separate to ensure that we can maintain rigorous quality control of the proof and get the best value on printing. We prepare and finish the cards ourselves.


One deck to hold 'em all

Mettā 1.0 is a first run of 52 cards from a 100 of the best.

The cards are shipped in custom-designed, hand-crafted boxes to make sure that they are perfectly packed for use and storage.


Buying options

Right now we sell and fulfill your purchase through Etsy. You can also buy access to the digital archive of printable cards.

Mettā cards archive (digital)
Mettā cards archive (digital)

50  left

Lifetime access to the complete mettā cards digital archive, updated regularly.

Mettā deck 1.0

52, 3" x 2" mettā cards printed on 350 gsm cardstock and shipped in our sturdy, hand-crafted boxes.

$30 Buy at

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