Brief, pocketable guides for life

Mettā is a song of hope. Framed as mettā bhavana-esque suttas, mettā cards are simple, bite-sized, actionable reminders that you can use to break out of old ways of thinking and explore new ways of being.

Simple, beautiful, zero bullsh*t

Affirmation suttas were meant to be grounded in reality. Raw assertions of selfhood, imagined manifestation, and other wishful thoughts get you nowhere fast. These are affirmations that you can use to design your own luck.


Compact, concise, personal

At 3" x 2", each card fits snugly in your palm of your hand. The compact size of the cards means that every word is meticulously crafted and the idea concisely presented to fit that precious space. There are no distracting images, gaudy colours, or clever illustrations. There's simply you and the word—a blank slate to make your own.