May I choose to let go

Even precious, life-giving breath is given to you. You cannot hold on to it, you must let it go to take in the next one, and one day, you will let go of it for the last time.—Jinananda

See how, even at your best and noblest You want to get to something To health, to revelation, to divinity Yet, this getting to gets you nowhere As you try, you prevent

Notice how your being Is like a whirlpool Balanced in equilibrium through homeostasis Deriving its stability, its very form Through perpetual movement from within And only kept moving by factors from without

What is needed of you is To cease your futile endeavours Of directing energies of thought And action directed by thought

To cease making sense of reality By limiting reality through the senses But looking for the ways and means To directly experience reality Through active participation

To cease making sense of thought By seeking to direct its flow But inviting it in To spontaneously explore possibilities And anticipating its pleasant surprises

For every thought, sensation, and perception Waits to be acknowledged by you Waits to be returned by you to its source Urging you to do what you must do Aggressively, gently, impatiently, or sweetly

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