May my actions be true to my thoughts

And what exists for thinking is the same as the cause of thought. For you won't find thinking without the being in which it is uttered. For there is nothing else and will be nothing else apart from being. Poem of Parmenides [40]

In a realm of disconnected Truth and Objectivity Thought is free from Ethical constraints And is limited only by the rules Of rationality and evidence And evidence of rationality And action is no longer constrained By proportion or responsibility

For when thoughts are at odds With what they do or say They separate themselves As thinker and doer And the sensitive current of feeling That once permeated their entire being As an vital vivifier of knowledge Is channelled into the raw emotion of ego Of fear, self-satisfaction Self-pity and competitiveness

What is required of you is To seek integrity, ārjavam (आर्जवम) In thought, words, and deeds By acting through shoshin (初心) Through openness and simplicity

To notice how dualistic perspectives Are like horizons, demarcating consciousness And the sense of separateness within and without Is but a contrivance to grasp the perfect continuity Of consciousness and all reality in place and time And the illusion of absence, of discontinuity Is the inconspicuous presence everything, at once

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